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Open Play Guidelines in Ridgway

Currently, the club is playing on temporary courts which are striped on the existing tennis courts within Athletic Park.  The courts are owned and maintained by the Town of Ridgway and are available for use by the general public.  The Ridgway Pickleball Club (RPC) owns and maintains all the pickleball equipment (nets, balls, loaner paddles) which are stored in a storage box near the west entrance of the tennis courts.  As a RPC member benefit, you will have code access to the storage box which enables you to play outside of the club's typical play times.  To join the club, go to the Join Us Section.  Official Open Play for the RPC is on MWF from 9-12 pm for competitive rec play and TThSu from 9-12pm for more social rec paly.  While members may use the equipment anytime - all other play is considered Private Invited Play.  All play is subject to the below Town of Ridgway Court Policy.

The Town of Ridgway requests that all users of the courts to abide by the following policies: 

  • Use of the courts are on a first come, first serve basis
    • An event scheduled through Ridgway Town Hall is an exception
  • If others are waiting, limit play to one set or one hour, whichever comes first
  • When courts are being utilized by pickleball players and tennis players arrive the following applies:
    • If other pickleball courts are available (i.e. basketball courts) then pickleball players will yield to tennis and relocate to the available courts, this will allow for increased play time and less waiting for all.  Pickleball players are allowed to finish their set before relocating if desired.
    • If other pickleball courts are not available - the tennis players will enter the rotation or line up to play as they would with other tennis players.  Rotation is expected after each set or after one hour whichever come first.  
  • All users are encouraged to communicate the current lineup, typical play times, and upcoming events to help alleviate potential conflicts
  • Be courteous, kind and welcoming to all users.


You may play on any court where you have the appropriate skills to offer a good game at that level.  


We play using a Paddle Stacking practice on the tennis courts with the 2 courts to the south (toward Ouray) for just social players and the 2 courts to the north (toward Montrose) designated for more competitive play.  Stacking of paddles with no consideration of skill level does not lead to a healthy and improving pickleball environment.  

The basketball courts will have one court designated as a Challenge Court and one court will be reserved for novice/beginner level players. The rules for the Challenge Court are as follows: (to be inserted)

All the paddle mats will be located on the east side of the courts (where the shade is in the mornings) with a paddle mat in the middle of the northeast and southeast courts.  The paddle mats for the north and southwest courts will located on either side of the tennis nets.  This is so everyone can enjoy the shade while they wait for a court.  Each mat has 3 paddles positions – 1, 2, and 3.  When the court is full, the first 4 waiting players place their paddles in a stack in the 1 position – when a stack contains four paddles, a new stack is started in position 2 and so on.  If there are not 4 players waiting then just put your paddle down to indicate you want to play in the next game.  If you want to get in the queue to play, place your paddle in the appropriate stack – don’t move other people’s paddles unless you communicate with them directly.   As a game finishes, the players in Position 1 take the court and the paddles in Positions 2 and 3 are shifted down to Positions 1 and 2.  When there are not many players waiting the stacks can be in twos instead of fours provided all players are in agreement. 

Official USA Pickleball Rules: https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/official-rules/

Unofficial condensed set of rules that might be easier to follow if you are just learning: Condensed Set of Pickleball Rules.pdf

Skill Level Definitions:  A guide for understanding what level you are at in your play:  Skill Level Definitions.pdf

Ridgway Pickleball Club is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Ridgway, CO 81432  Contact us: ridgwaypickleball@gmail.com

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